A page of noteworthy resources and presentations by others.

Some of these may be mentioned in other areas of this wiki, but
I have collected them here so that you only have to go to one page
in order to find resources that we may not have an opportunity to
talk about during our short Pro-D session.



by Gail Dessler. Here is the table of contents... very useful!


Note: When you sign up for an Edublogs blog you
also get a wikispaces account (to make pages
like this). Since you are a K-12 teacher, you can get the
site free of advertisements if you are using the wikispace for K-12 classroom use. Here is the page you need to go to in order to get the page set up without advertising:
Wikispaces for K-12 use

More information for teachers about wikispaces:
Wikispaces Teacher Help page
Wikispaces Video Tutorial

7 Virtues of Blogging

A presentation by Kathy Sierra.
It is about building a global readership and market, but the 7 Virtues...
• Be Grateful • Be Humble • Be Patient • Be Generous • Show Respect • Be Motivating • Be Brave
... are very helpful for all bloggers (It is a converted Powerpoint presentation that is quick and easy to read).


A good visual that shows how ideas grow and develop on blogs.

• It is the sharing and reformulating of ideas that make blogs such a great learning tool.

• Also, a real sense of community is developed. This provides encouragement, support and co-operation on a global scale.

• Connections encourage new ideas and new solutions to problems in ways that we seldom get on a journey of discovery that we take on our own.

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