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Educational Leaders:
Will Richardson (Blogging? Writing? Feeling?), David Warlick (Starting to Get It?), Alan November (Hopes and Fears), Stephen Downes (Educational Blogging), Scott McLeod (The "glue" of blogging conversations: RSS), Wesley Freyer (The egalitarian nature of blogging), Anne Davis (Thinkpiece #1 - Reflection)

David Truss- Me (Learning Conversations & The Web2.0 Prophecy: An Adventure), Christine Hunewell (a blogger as a writer), Claudia Ceraso (Blogging So Far & Blogging Matters), Darren Kuropatawa ( A Good Day), Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (Schools: More Walls than Windows), Bud the Teacher (Blogs are Dreamy),Vicki Davis-CoolCatTeacher (The power of a newbie), , Liz Ditz ( Blogging Principles), Jeff Utech (Power to the Studtents, & Blooms Taxonomy Revisited), Christopher D. Seussums (The Value of Making Teacher Thinking Visible)

Kelly Christopherson (to blog or not to blog), Miguel Guhlin (Blogcredit & Simply Create), Scott McLeod (Top edublogs), Steve Hargadon (Social Networking as Professional Development)

Staff Development:
The FischBowl (What would Shakespeare Think?), Techlearning blog (a problem with blogs)

More Educational Blogs:
The Infinite Thinking Machine, The Edublogs Awards 2006 Winners,
A handy list of Educational Bloggers... after you get a few posts under your belt, add your name to the list!

external image blogging_by_eddie.jpg Kris - Grade 10 (Canada isn't *that* important), (Selectively Permeable), (Colloquialism), & (Rethinking the political spectrum)
Eddie - Grade 5 (The Language of Math-see the comments), (Mr.Keropatwa's Blog), and Blogging by Eddie- click on the image here or on his link to see it in greater detail).

Related to education:
Seth Goddin, Danial Pink, Creating Passionate Users, The Genius in All of Us, Tony Karrer (Top 10 reasons to blog and top 10 not to blog - funny), Jessica Haggy (Indexed-Clever), Editor Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)

Links: Articles and Resources, University of Manitoba Learning Technologies Center wiki (Top ten things for educators to know about blogs)